The first conversation Lo and I had almost 3 years ago was discussing our love for adventure and the idea of traveling around the world; sure it was just a dream at that moment, but it was more about the fact we both wanted to that made our connection unique. We didn’t talk about it much in the beginning, but it was clear from the many trips we took that we were and are excellent travel partners, that quality will now be put to the true test. After we seal the deal on Sept 6th we will step foot into our new gypsy life.  Our dream has become our reality, we have saved and planned for a trip of a lifetime, on Sept 10th we will embark for 7 months to see, taste and experience all the richness this world has to offer, hand in hand, and I can’t imgine doing it with anyone else. Our honeymoon will start in Bora Bora and from there we will travel West-ish around the globe.  We will be blogging as we go city by city, country by country, continent by continent. We hope you follow us through this journey and drop a line to say hello. 
You can contact us at, view our images on Instagram at lov3_is_key.  a week after we met