Captains log September 21. Today was a good day. We woke up to a cold morning, cloud cover, and small bits of rain about. We found our way to a breakfast spot. Neo served bottom this single origin coffee and fresh vegetables served with eggs Benedict. Cloud cover was still heavy so we made our way to the famed national Museum Te Papa. After a New Zealand history lesson we emerged to find the sun shining in the sky.

Next stop was a ride on the last remaining cable car of New Zealand. This took us to the botanical gardens where we wandered our way back into town enjoying the garden’s spring festival.

Before the day’s end we rode a bus to the Wellington zoo. There were abundant exhibits despite the small size of the zoo itself. Highlights included penguins, kiwis, lions, Tasmanian devil’s, baboon gangfights and chimpanzee mayhem.

A stop at the market before a return to our seaside-campervan-resort. We had delicious homemade gourmet burritos before calling it a night. All in all a wonderful day on in Wellington.