Today started slow and a lil rough from the ride yesterday, though it was an earned soreness there was lots of groaning and grunting as we got our wheels turning.
Today was a day of rest, or driving and lots of it. We drove the windy roads along the coast to Abel Tasman National Park. Driving in this region you will see one side of the road coated with pines, I thought the Sierras were dense, but nothing like here. On the other side of the highway were empty, brown, depressing hills that use to be blanketed with luscious vegetation, but now remain bare because of the deforestation. The only town that was saved from the over logging was Pelorus. We went to the Pelorus bridge which stretched across the Pelorus river. This river was in The Hobbit. I could see how in the summertime this river would be packed with kids jumping off the large rocks into the deep aquamarine swimming holes, but on this day it was cold and windy.

Continuing onto Abel Tasman to do some lite tramping along the ocean and then headed west to Blemhein to prepare for an exciting day of Wine tasting on a tandem bike. We are so use to being independent on our bikes, there was a lil bit of a learning curve to the tandem riding, but about 15 minutes in and some wine in our systems we became pretty efficient. We rode 15 miles and visited 5 different wineries and 1 brewery including Cloudy Bay, Hunters, Alan Scot and MOA. Good thing we were drinking a lot because we chose one windy day to ride, although come to think of it- it’s always windy here in NZ. This is Sauvignon blanc and Pinot noir region, we made sure to get one of each and a Pinot Gris- first tragedy so far is driving to dump the grey water in Kirby and boom goes the only bottle of Sauvignon blanc, Kirby now has a fresh aroma of wine!